5 Fundamentals to be a Successful Influencer


how to be an influencer

What is influencer marketing and why does it matter?

Influencer marketing is the lucrative marketing tactic in which brands leverage the power of social selling by collaborating with influencers with considerable social media following to increase the reach and visibility of their business. While brands drive sales and increase the conversions for their products or services, captive audience of the influencers benefit from the recommendations and advice of the influencers who are expert in their niche.

In 2021, influencer marketing is going to become more important than ever before. Influencers with strong online presence, loyal social media fans, engaging content, and reputation as an expert in their domain will play an important role in brand promotions in almost every industry and sector no matter how small or big.

How to become a successful influencer?

To be an influencer you need to create and sustain your online community of followers. It requires consistent effort and dedication to maintain your credibility as an influencer. You also need to learn how to prioritize the interests of both your followers and the brands you promote.

Here are 5 fundamentals to be a successful influencer-

To be a top influencer follow the principle of B.R.A.N.DBuild- Retain- Attract- Network- Decode Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. BuildBuild your influencer empire by gaining genuine followers

Slow and steady wins the race. There are no short cuts to success in influencer marketing. If you are beginner who has just started his or her career as an influencer, it can be quite tempting to quickly grow the count of followers on social media channels by posting content or product that is popular but something you don’t truly believe in or genuinely recommend. Launching giveaways or freebies can get you some followers, but you can never be sure if they are truly your fans.

Other sleazy paid campaigns or follow-then-unfollow tricks will get you followers in short term but it will harm your reputation as influencer in long term. You might get thousands of followers but they would be about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Such followers won’t be people who would care about your content, share it with their friends or engage with you. They won’t enable you to consolidate your position as a real influencer.

Don’t worry if you are still growing as an influencer. Micro influencers are favorite of brands due to the fact that they bring a small but truly engaged fan base who increase the effectiveness of the brand campaigns. You should optimize your social media profiles and churn out shareable content to prove expertise in your niche to capture the authentic audience who would pay attention to the products or service you promote. Above all, be candid with your followers and brands you promote.

  1. Retain – To retain followers keep consistency

For influencers it is important to be passionate and knowledgeable in your niche. Influencers need to consistently post inspiring content on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Without a penchant for your chosen niche, it would become cumbersome to regularly post and engage your followers.  To safeguard your position as serious influencer, be careful about the frequency and type of content you post. Maintain a post calendar or visual content planner to schedule your post after thoroughly analyzing them to avoid any errors.

In order to retain your followers, you also need to engage and respond to your fans. Host a live AMA (ask me anything) session, reply to their queries and encourage active discussions on topics of their interest. Follow your fans back, like, retweet or comment on their post if you find them useful. Being active and engaging with your audience will go a long way to retain followers and grow your clout as social media influencer.

  1. Attract – Attract followers and Brands through creativity

Get creative with the tone of your content. There is no substitute to creativity when it comes to influencer marketing. Use comedic or cheeky tone in your captions and headlines wherever appropriate. Use Feminist or empowering tone if it resonates well with the brands you are promoting. Ask deliberative questions to spark conversations or employ euphemisms to get your followers talking to each other. Eye catching bio, memorable cover pic and trending hashtags will provide a differentiating factor to your social media profile.

  1. NetworkRealize the Power of Networking and Collaborations

Networking or collaborating with other influencers is one of the best influencer marketing strategies. Explore other influencers in your niche and make friends with them. Being an active member of influencers community on various forums will get you more referrals and help you build long term relationships that would aid in your growth as an influencer.
The biggest challenge for an influencer is to get noticed by the right brand. Register yourself on influencer marketing platform such as Intellifluence to connect and collaborate with brands that are right fit for you. It would provide you ample opportunities to work with brands looking for video reviews, product promotions on social media or sponsored product reviews on blogs and other platforms. When you get to work with some of the reputed brands available on influencer marketing platform, your credibility as a top influencer in your niche is consolidated.

  1. Digital Marketing – Learn SEO and Digital marketing strategies

To reach your full potential as an influencer, sufficient knowledge of SEO tactics and digital marketing is crucial. Along with a thriving social media profile, you also need to build a website to provide additional boost to your reputation as expert in your niche. You should have a SEO optimized website and dedicated landing pages to showcase your prowess as an influencer to prospective brands.

Evaluate your Google analytics, search console and social media analytics reports to understand the topics and content your audience likes the most. Create personas of your target audience and demographics to develop strategies and type of social marketing campaign to generate desired response. Analyze keywords that brings you the most traffic and focus on the keywords that could lead potential audience and brands towards your website. Additionally, create your business profile on top ranking online directories. Securing top position in Google search results would expand your reach and online presence.

An underrated channel for influencers is email newsletters. Well-designed newsletters with awesome content can have tremendous impact on your ability to retain users, build your image and win trust as an influencer with authority. Sending regular personalized newsletters to your fans gives boost to your promotional activities and make brands like you even more.

On your journey to become top influencer you will need to have patience and strong will power. No one can expect to become influencer overnight. I hope above tips can help you achieve positive results and enable your growth as an influencer.